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You are sent two spreadsheets. Spreadsheet #1 is a finished version of last month's report - it is basically just a bunch of columns with data items in it. Three columns are calculations of # of days, months, years since a date in one column. Two more columns are if/then statements based off of the calculations in the previous three columns.

Spreadsheet #2 is simply a copy of Spreadsheet #1 only with the calculations and if/then statements missing. All other data items are present.

You are now asked to make Spreadsheet #2 look like Spreadsheet #1.

What would you do?

If you answered, "Send both files over to one of the Business Analysts because I don't understand Excel and it scares me," congratulations, you did what my co-worker did.

Why "copy the formulas for the five columns in spreadsheet #1 that are currently blank in spreadsheet #2" did not occur to her, I do not know. Argh.
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So I'm working on a project (one of many) that has been held up by contract negotiations in customer legal hell for over a year. It finally looks like it's going to be done soon, though, so on our weekly "Is the contract done yet? No? Okay, see you next week" call, our Customer Project Manager asked me to ask my Project Manager (who was at the dentist and not on the call) for a timeline to see how long it would take to do the project once the contracts were finalized as soon as possible.

I sent my PM a text saying "[Customer PM] wants a timeline for [Project]. Can you call me this evening to discuss?"

She writes back: "Did you tell him I said I have been attending calls for over a year waiting for [Dude giving us contract updates] that he can wait until next week and if that's an issue he can kiss my ass?"

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I don't know if I'm going to get any work done today at all. They're moving people around in the office and thus demo-ing and rebuilding cubes so there's lots of noise.

Argh. And I don't even move until Thursday.


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