Sep. 9th, 2009 03:22 pm
aoinoue: (Samurai Champloo - Crossroads)
I would like to register my discontent with the idea that because I have failed some lab tests, I am somehow diseased.

For alleged disorder #1 - I have no symptoms and the disorder has never actually manifested itself, even when I was on birth control during which time it had a *much* higher risk of manifesting. No treatment for this "disorder" has been proven effective at all.

For alleged disorder #2 - It has been show that my scores for three out of four times are normal, one is a little high. Most research has shown this is normal for pregnant women, and that treating the "disorder" has little to no effect on maternal or fetal outcomes.

The sole change in outcome for either disorder that is obvious through the research is that if someone with the failed lab results for the above two "disorders" is labelled "high risk", I am at a much higher risk for induction or cesearean, which increases the risk of infant mortality nearly three times.

That is all.
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