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So, I've kind of gotten into a girly phase lately for no apparent reason (maybe it's because none of my clothes fit anymore and I have a hard time buckling/tying my shoes now), but I've been eye-ing this Etsy store's custom handbags for some time now.

Basically, I'm torn between the following two:

This smaller purse which would be great to use for work since all I generally need at work is my wallet, keys and phone. Also, the moveable handle is great, so if I needed to I could clip it to my computer bag. I would likely change out the fabric on this one, since it's an option and it's free. Her selection is great.

And this one.

This would be more for the weekends. As Chester is getting bigger, I don't really need a whole lot to bring with me when we go out now that would necessitate hauling out the giant diaper bag of doom. Basically, I need the aforementioned wallet, phone and keys, and then some cheerios, diapers and a spare pack of wipes. I might change out the fabric on this one as well.

But I am torn. Both are good, each with a different purpose, but I can't really bring myself to spend $90 on two purses.


For the OMG Shoez portion, I am really starting to enjoy comfy ballet flats on the weekends instead of my gym shoes. As I get more pregnant, the easier to put on the shoe, the better. I already picked up these and these, except they were pink and brown plaid.

Now I am lusting after these in the black. And I have a coupon.

And now I better stop because I'm going to get in trouble with [personal profile] anthogna. :o)
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