Aug. 9th, 2010

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TV Meme! Borrowed from [ profile] avengangle.

TV Meme
Okay, so one of my flist posts the answer to one of these each day, but I totally can't wait that long, so you're getting all of mine at once. Also, I don't watch that much sitcom/fictional TV anymore so that made this a lot harder.

Day 1: A show that never should have been canceled:  Who Do You Think You Are? They aired like two episodes and then it went away. I was very sad.

Day 2: A show you wish more people were watching:  The Rachel Maddow Show, because she's brilliant.

Day 3: Your favorite new show (aired this TV season):  LOST. I am distraught that it's over.

Day 4: Your favorite show ever:  Uh, too many.

Day 5: A show you hate:  Jersey Shore and/or Toddlers & Tiaras.

Day 6: Favorite episode of your favorite TV show:  See answer above.

Day 7: Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show:  See answer above.

Day 8: A show everyone should watch:  Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex because it is awesome.

Day 9: Best scene ever:  At the moment, probably the Sawyer/Juliet reunion during the series finale of LOST.

Day 10: A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving: LOST. I blame [personal profile] anthogna.

Day 11: A show that disappointed you: House - I loved the first two seasons, and then it started to go downhill during the third season and by the end I just stopped watching it entirely.

Day 12: An episode you've watched more than 5 times: "To Love and Die in Dixie", Family Guy.

Day 13: Favorite childhood show: Sadly, Full House

Day 14: Favorite male character: Benjamin Linus, LOST. He's just so interesting and complicated. I would totally watch the "Hurley & Ben Run the Island" Spin-Off.

Day 15: Favorite female character:  Katara, Avatar:  The  Last Airbender. She's just so awesome.

Day 16: Your guilty pleasure show:  Inuyasha. Shut up. Also, Family Guy.

Day 17: Favorite mini series:  I can't actually recall that I've seen a mini-series that I've liked.

Day 18: Favorite title sequence:  Cowboy Bebop.

Day 19: Best TV show cast:  Mythbusters.

Day 20: Favorite kiss:  Sawyer/Juliet during the reunion scene in the series finale of LOST. I could watch that scene a million times.

Day 21: Favorite 'ship: Miroku/Kagome from Inuyasha or Katara/Zuko from Avatar:  The Last Airbender. Shut up.

Day 22: Favorite series finale: "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", Futurama. It was just perfect. I'm not sure I want to watch the new episodes now that they've brought it back it was so perfect.

Day 23: Most annoying character:  Barry the Chopper, Full Metal Alchemist.

Day 24: Best quote:  There are so many, but the only one coming to mind at the moment is "I reject your reality, and substitute my own!"

Day 25: A show you plan on watching (old or new): Debating about Glee.

Day 26: OMG WTF? Season finale:  Full Metal Alchemist, Season 1.

Day 27: Best pilot episode: House.

Day 28: First TV show obsession:  I can't actually remember, there have been so many.

Day 29: Current TV show obsession:  Sadly, I am lost at sea and require a new television show to bear the burden of my interest. :o) 

Day 30: Saddest character death:  I cried pretty hard during Jack's death at the end of LOST. Also Fry's dog in Futurama ("Jurassic Bark"). And Hughes from FMA.
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