Nov. 4th, 2009

aoinoue: (Rachel Maddow - WTF)
You are sent two spreadsheets. Spreadsheet #1 is a finished version of last month's report - it is basically just a bunch of columns with data items in it. Three columns are calculations of # of days, months, years since a date in one column. Two more columns are if/then statements based off of the calculations in the previous three columns.

Spreadsheet #2 is simply a copy of Spreadsheet #1 only with the calculations and if/then statements missing. All other data items are present.

You are now asked to make Spreadsheet #2 look like Spreadsheet #1.

What would you do?

If you answered, "Send both files over to one of the Business Analysts because I don't understand Excel and it scares me," congratulations, you did what my co-worker did.

Why "copy the formulas for the five columns in spreadsheet #1 that are currently blank in spreadsheet #2" did not occur to her, I do not know. Argh.
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